ilan serruya is a filmmaker & editor based in madrid. he grew up between the cities of mar del plata (argentina) and seville (spain). he studied fine arts (universidad complutense de madrid), holds a degree in film editing (instituto del cine de madrid) and master lav (audiovisual laboratory of creation and contemporary practice).

his work has been selected by festivals such as doclisboa, seville european film festival, (s8) mostra de cinema periférico and filmadrid iff, among others.


reunion (2018)
input 2018. space for tutoring film projects organized by (s8) mostra de cinema periférico & fundación luis seoane (a coruña 2018)
doclisboa. international competition (lisbon 2018)
seville european film festival. endless revolutions (seville 2018)
rencontres internationales (paris/berlin 2019 catalogue)
visions du réel (media library, nyon 2019)
fijr 2019. vibraciones competition (granada 2019)
(s8) mostra de cinema periférico (a coruña 2019)

what is a zeide for? (2018)
filmadrid. world premiere. pasajes de cine competition (matadero, madrid 2018)
una casa. muestra de cine autobiográfico (matadero, madrid 2018)
frente al espejo. screening lav (madrid 2019)

incoming call (2018)
interrupciones. filmadrid + master lav screening (matadero, madrid 2018)
despieces: un recorrido desde el ensayo. collective exhibition (espacio carnicería, madrid 2018)

503 (2017)
cultura filmada + master lav screening (zumzeig, barcelona 2018)
soul art. contemporary art fair (toledo 2018)

falucho / entre ríos
una casa. muestra de cine autobiográfico (círculo de bellas artes, madrid 2017)

the lost distance (2016)
eve-maría zimmermann: biennial of contemporary art (tenerife 2016)
una casa. muestra de cine autobiográfico (círculo de bellas artes, madrid 2016)
instituto cervantes of rome (italy 2017)
instituto cervantes of prague (czech republic 2017)
fil guadalajara international book fair (mexico 2017)

moving image catalog (online curatorial platform 2019)


master lav: audiovisual laboratory of creation and contemporary practice (madrid 2017-2018)
fine arts (universidad complutense de madrid 2013-2016)
film editing (instituto del cine de madrid 2008-2010)

given conferences & workshops:

fer vídeo. project tutor. audiovisual workshop organized by mar reykjavik. (la fotoescuela, valencia, 2019)
maca master. conference about editing and creative processes  (universidad politécnica de madrid + universidad complutense de madrid 2019)
seville european film festival conference about self-referential processes in filmmaking (instituto néstor almendros, seville 2018)


el himno del amanecer music video. director & editor (song by yogures de coco, 2018)
aucun fantasme à l’horizon director & video editor (performance by tali serruya, 2016)
una casa: muestra de cine documental autobiográfico graphic & editorial design (since 2016) 
variations by tali serruya. graphic & editorial design (2016)
poetics of relation invited artist. collective exhibition at live in your head gallery (geneve 2015)