feature film



stereo sound



an island is a piece of land surrounded by water on all its parts. a reunion is the act of making two or more things coincide at one point, sometimes colliding with one another. ilan travels to reunion island to meet his father.

world premiere at doclisboa 2018. international competition (lisbon 2018)
spanish premiere at seville’s european film festival. endless revolutions competition (seville 2018)

project selected for input 2018. space for tutoring and advising film projects organized by (s8) mostra de cinema periférico & fundación luis seoane


otros cines europa (review by víctor esquirol)
cineforum (review by gloria zerbinati)
the brooklyn rail (doclisboa 18 review by matt turner)

directed & produced by ilan serruya
with raphael serruya
dop & editing ilan serruya
associate producers gorky films & gonzalo e. veloso
color correction gustavo gorzalczany
sound design pablo teijón
graphic design luis lechosa