what is a zeide for?

short film



stereo sound



‘zeide’ is the yiddish word for ‘grandfather’. ilan serruya immerses us in a journey to the past and family roots through a celebration captured in a precarious domestic format to let us glimpse a map of affections and personal stories. if in the first half of the short the joy of the meeting only seems to stop before the excitement of the zeide who gives the name to the title, the second section slows the filmic device itself in a gesture as unusual as, deep inside, nostalgic. (text: gabriel doménech)

world premiere at filmadrid. ‘pasajes de cine’ competition (madrid 2018)
una casa. III muestra de cine en primera persona (madrid 2018)

directed by ilan serruya
recorded by gustavo gorzalczany
sound design pablo teijón
graphic design luis lechosa

press release (alejandro romero @ el país, spain 2018)